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Addressing Lack Of Mental Capacity Claims

One of the ways someone can challenge a will is by questioning the lack of mental capacity of the testator during the creation of the will. But challenging the validity of a will or trust based on lack of mental capacity is a sensitive and complex issue. Such claims arise when it is believed that the individual who created the document did not possess the necessary mental state to understand the implications of their decisions. Proving the mental capacity (or lack thereof) is difficult without the guidance of a skilled California attorney.

At Morrill Law, we guide the Walnut Creek community through their estate and trust litigation needs, including those surrounding lack of mental capacity claims. We know how to navigate these claims, either for someone claiming or disputing the mental capacity of the testator. We also understand how delicate these matters can be, which is why we take a delicate approach to providing our clients with the compassion and respect they deserve.

Building A Strong Case For You

To address claims of lack of mental capacity, we meticulously review medical records, consult with experts and gather comprehensive evidence. By taking such a detailed approach to these matters, we can develop a strategy that reflects the true mental state of someone when they executed their will to ensure that we are honoring their last wishes.

No matter what side of these claims you are on, we are here to defend your best interests. We recognize the considerable impact these cases can have on a family and their future, and we strive to secure a resolution that is fair and just for everyone involved.

Advocate For Your Best Interests

Going through these claims on your own can mean it takes weeks or months longer to resolve the dispute, all while taxing your time and energy in the process. Instead of going through your claim on your own, let our lawyers stand by you to help you through every step of the way. Call us at 925-255-0633 or email us here to schedule your initial consultation with us today.