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Championing Victims Of Elder Financial Abuse

Elder financial abuse is a form of exploitation that involves the illegal or improper use of an elderly person’s funds, property, or assets. This heinous act can be perpetrated by strangers, caregivers, or even family members, leaving the elderly victimized, often without the means to recover. In California, the law provides remedies to help protect elders and their estates from such abuse.

At the Walnut Creek office of Morrill Law, we are committed to defending the rights and stability of the elderly. Our attorneys understand how delicate these cases are, and we are committed to providing our clients with the guidance they need to stand up against exploitation. When you choose our lawyers to stand for you, you can expect the full force of our law firm to stand at your side.

Understanding And Combating Elder Financial Abuse

When our lawyers take these cases, we take a swift and thorough approach. We comb through every document and piece of testimony to determine the full extent of the abuse to put any exploitation to a grinding halt, all in the name of recovering any misappropriated assets. This comprehensive approach also includes consulting with forensic accountants and other experience to track down any related funds and hold liable parties accountable.

An elder who has suffered from this kind of abuse can experience severe emotional and psychological trauma while also having their financial stability and security jeopardized. Our goal in these matters is to guide our clients through these cases to restore peace and security with as little complication and effort as possible.

Take A Stand With Experienced Guidance

If you suspect that your loved one is suffering from financial abuse and you need help seeking justice. Choose a team of California attorneys who can fight for the outcome you and your loved one deserve. Call us at 925-255-0633 or email us here to schedule your initial consultation today.