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The Challenges Of Contesting And Defending A Will

Will contests are a form of litigation challenging the validity of a will based on specific legal grounds. In California, these disputes can arise when parties believe that a will does not accurately reflect the true intentions of the deceased. Contesting a will is a sensitive issue that requires a deep understanding of the law and a compassionate approach to family dynamics and the grieving process.

At Morrill Law, we know how to navigate the challenges of contesting a will. We have considerable experience in these cases, and provide strategic legal counsel to the Walnut Creek community to defend the decedent’s wishes. Our commitment to defending the last wishes of the members of our community motivates us to guide our clients to the outcomes they deserve in these cases.

The Eligibility Of A Will Contest

It is important to know that not everyone can challenge a will. Under California law, a will can only be contested by any interested party, typically a beneficiary or someone who would have inherited it if the will is deemed invalid. The challenging party will also need grounds for their contestation.

Common grounds for contesting a will include a lack of testamentary capacity, undue influence, fraud, improper execution, or the existence of a later will. As your legal representation, we will review the details of your case and comb through all the evidence involved to confirm if there is an opportunity to contest a will or not.

Navigating The Contest Process

Whether you are contesting or defending a will, the process of contesting a will requires meticulous legal work. As your legal representation, we will review the details surrounding the creation of the will to create the strongest case we can in probate court. No matter what side of this case you are on, we will make sure your voice is heard.

Uphold Your Loved One’s Last Wishes

The longer a contestation goes on, the more damage it can do to the harmony of the decedent’s loved ones. Choose a lawyer you can depend on to help settle these matters quickly and efficiently. Call us at 925-255-0633 or email us here to meet with an estate and trust litigation attorney who you can depend on.