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Do I Have A Valid Case?

Trust and estate disputes can arise due to interfamily conflicts and conflicts with a fiduciary, such as the executor or trustee. Knowing when to take legal action can be difficult.

Our boutique trust and estate litigation firm, Morrill Law, in the East Bay, is known to have some of the mostly highly regarded and capable attorneys in the San Francisco Bay Area. We help California individuals and their family members navigating complex trust and estate issues. Our experienced and trained attorneys fight hard to protect families and their legacies.

How To Recognize It Is Time To Speak To A Trust And Estate Lawyer

There are numerous reasons to initiate litigation over a trust or estate dispute. To understand if you have a viable case, you can:

  • Obtain a copy of the trust document or the decedent’s will
  • Review the documents to see if they accurately state the decedent’s wishes
  • Determine if the executor or trustee is following the correct procedures

In general, it is far easier for an experienced trust and estate attorney to evaluate a situation once they know the specifics. At Morrill Law, we can help you determine if your issue is actionable. If the trustee or executor refuses to respond to your questions or won’t provide copies of the relevant documents, our attorneys may be able to compel their compliance.

Why Call Morrill Law For Your Trust Or Estate Dispute?

Our midsize trust and estate law firm provides a caring and welcoming environment that makes you feel at home. However, we also provide fast responses and look for cost-effective ways to resolve disputes. We take a personalized strategic approach to every trust or estate dispute, and we seek resolutions by aiming at the heart of a legal problem.

When you choose Morrill Law to protect your legacy, you gain a trusted advocate who will protect your interests. Call 925-255-0633 or contact us online to schedule your initial consultation.